CMA Research represents Sweden

WIN/Gallup International is made up of the 75 largest independent market research and polling firms in their respective countries with a combined revenue of over €500 million and covering 95% of the world’s market.

For more than 60 years WIN/Gallup International Members have demonstrated their expert ability to conduct multi-country surveys on a comparable basis and deliver the highest quality. Our Members are leading national institutes with a profound local knowledge of research methods and techniques, statistical sources, customs and culture differences of its own country and carefully selected by the Association Board. With only one Member agency per country, Members work together on a daily basis to share knowledge, new research techniques and tools, as well as to provide the most appropriate solutions to international research projects and service our clients to the best of our abilities.

The accumulated expertise of the Association is formidable – we have internationally renowned experts in public opinion, Third World issues, advertising, and media research as well as in commercial fields such as IT/telecommunications, healthcare, retail, economics, corporate research and so on. Our Members are at the leading edge of technical and methodological developments, which have impacted on not only the research industry but also the whole commercial world.

There is only one member per country and CMA Research represents Sweden.

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40% are considering changing jobs in Sweden

68% of the Swedes are generally satisfied with their current employer but still four out of ten have considered changing employer during the last 12 months and another ten percent has actually already changed employer.

The corresponding global share of those who are considering changing jobs is 27%.

Also, in Sweden net satisfaction (satisfied minus dissatisfied) with your current employer is 51% which is lower than it is in our neighbor countries Denmark and Finland where net satisfaction is 69 and 67% respectively.

CMA Research is the Swedish member of the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Researchers (WIN) and the results above are a part of an opinion poll conducted in 69 countries across the globe during September to December 2015.

CMA Research conducted the fieldwork in Sweden.